Love Me Like You Do is Book 2 in Cate Tayler's Mystic Point spicy contemporary romance series


Release Date: Sept 23, 2017

Cover by Deranged Doctor Designs

Available in Ebook and Print

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Love Me Like You Do (Mystic Point #2)

Another great story for our Mystic Point heroines. There are so many interesting conflicts in this novel that I am having a hard time putting it down.
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Love is a Battlefield…

Haley Wood knows the darker side of love. She’s seen how it beats you, breaks you, swallows you whole. She’s vowed never to be its victim, like her father was when her mother abandoned them. She’ll never give anyone power over her heart, never trust someone else with her own happiness and dreams.

Never Surrender…

Will Leonard has seen the beauty and healing power of love. A romantic who believes in marriage, family, and happily-ever-after, he’s determined to have all those things with Haley. She’s rejected his proposal once, but he refuses to give up. Will must prove love isn’t just another four-letter word and his kind of love is what she needs.

It’s a Matter of Trust…

Haley knows Will’s not a heartbreaker – he’s a promise keeper. But as she begins opening herself to the idea of a future with him, ghosts from the past return and present-day secrets threaten their fragile relationship.

Can Will accept the limits Haley has on love or will his attempts to persuade her to love on his terms drive her away? Will Haley let her painful past keep Will out of her heart and life forever?

For all if us who are hopeless romantics!
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